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From the top you can see in the east the "Estergebirge"-Mountains with Krottenkopf, Bischof and Wank. Between Fricken and Bischof the Karwendel-Mountains can be spotted. Behind the Wank, close to the horizon follows the "Nordkette" range (Austria). Now just behind Wank follow the Wetterstein Mountains with Dreitorspitze, Alpspitze and Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. In front and west of the Wetterstein Mountains the Ammer Mountains spread with Kramer and Notkarspitze.

The view extends down to the foothills west of Auerberg to the Hohenpeißenberg, Lake Ammersee, Lake Staffelsee, Lake Riegsee, Lake Starnbergersee and on a clear day you can even see Munich and further north.

During your way down on the Nebele with a trained eye you can even spot the "Wilden Kaiser"-Mountains.

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